During his earthly ministry, Jesus’ teachings, lifestyle, and worldview had radical implications for those who followed him. Over 2000 years later the world is still grappling with the impression he left while he was here. To become better representations of Christ, we need to explore the implications of his teachings, lifestyle, and worldview. Only then can we step into this radical new life Jesus modeled for us; a life of radical selflessness, radical devotion, and radical love. Radical Youth is a student ministry learning to live like Jesus and teaching others to do the same, because we know that if more people were like Jesus, our world would be radically different.

Join us on Wednesday!

Radical meets every Wednesday night from 6-8pm for games, worship through song, a relatable message, connecting with one another in small groups, and time to hang out in community. 

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Join a Community!

Ready to take the next step? Jump into a Community Group where you will find your friends for life. Guys and girls groups meet throughout the week during the school year!

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